The IR_Video2 thematic research School aims to provide a very high-standard interdisciplinary training that will allow young researchers (phD students and post-graduate researchers) or senior researchers to work on the epistemic, technical, legal and ethical matters that will arise when analyzing video recorded data from educational or training situations. It involves several speakers, who are internationally renowned for their video-data-based work. It also relies on the expertise developed by the SFR ViSA structure which is supported by UBO University and the École Normale Supérieure de Lyon, in connection with laboratories with significant methodological and technical resources, including the UMR ICAR (CNRS) and EA CREAD units.

The activities offered in October 2015 will focus on three main streams of work: 

  • possible interconnections between theoretical approaches, methodologies, instrumentations and fields of research;
  • cross-sectional studies methods and stakes based on a single collection. This SFR ViSA collective work was operated by researchers with different issues, and different theoretical and methodological approaches;
  • mastery of the basics of technical skills (ability to choose proper audiovisual and software tools in accordance with the specifics of the objects and fields of study), and legal and ethical matters when dealing with video recorded database (creation, preservation and sharing of video data resources).

Important prerequisite requirements: participants must at least have already worked on video database as part of a research programme. Also they must be fluent in English since some lectures will be given in English.

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